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Blinkies and Graphics

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All I ask is that you please follow a few simple rules:

★ Please credit dumpling @ starkura when using my graphics.
★ Always use the form provided to request and please do not alter it in any way.
★ Read the request forms very carefully, as there are graphics that have specifics that need to be followed.
★ Please do not edit my graphics. If you see something you want though, all that I ask is that you please e-mail me at rmclaes@yahoo.com and we can work something out!
★ Please do not hot-link, upload to your own servers.
★ Always comment when picking up graphics, that way I know when I can delete them off of my server.
★ Graphics must be picked up within 7 days of me posting the pick up, or else it will be deleted.
★ Mind your manners please.
★ Most importantly, enjoy your time here!

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